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Where Are You on Your Data Journey?

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Getting Started?

We help you …

Define Your Data Strategy: forward-looking, yet achievable - tailored to your business, your clients, your vision. Identify meaningful metrics and KPIs.

Design & Build Foundational Data Capabilities: we build & deliver towards your product roadmap: data infrastructure, data platform, analytics, data science, a/b testing, personalization, ML productization.

Need to Accelerate?

We help you …

Execute: build & deliver towards your product roadmap. Develop critical, custom product features, data capabilities, algorithms and platforms. Productize, scale out and automate your ML/NLP/LLM usage in your products. Tame, redesign, cloud-migrate and rebuild legacy data platforms, infra and algorithms.

Innovate & Jump the Curve: we solve gnarly, complex data problems and take them from concept to production. We use data, AI and intelligent algorithms in key capabilities and services, to help you accelerate and offer best-in-class products.

At Steady State?

We help you …

Run data infra, platform, services: with reliability, stability and responsiveness. We can run key data infra, data platform & services, so you can focus elsewhere.

Trusted data team: use us as one of your independent, responsive data teams where you need us most: data products, analytics or data science.

Conduct a 3rd party data audit: assess best practices, tech, processes, capabilities and risk around data & AI for leadership, board, funders, or M&A.

Need to Reset & Refocus?

We help you …

Perform an independent assessment: on specific Data & AI capabilities & systems or on teams & business units. We identify what works well, what doesn’t and why. We help you craft a path back to a healthy, high-functioning, efficient, reliable state.

Execute / turn around data systems, processes and orgs: understand, untangle, redesign and rebuild your data & AI capabilities. Reduce 3rd party risks and dependencies. Uplevel your data processes and tech. Realign your data function with business and product leadership.

Who We Are And What We Do

We take on big problems in Data and AI. We solve them from concept to design to delivery.

  • Who we are. Yoyo Labs is a premier Data & AI firm specializing in custom, state-of-the-art, high-impact data solutions. We apply our deep expertise and experience to help our clients in their Data Journey to establish a strong foundation and use it to grow, innovate and jump the curve.
  • What we do. Our engagements cover the data spectrum: we perform data strategy and data audits; we build custom, large scale, real-time data platforms and data products; we build data products with ML/AI, NLP, algo; we automate HITL and finetune LLMs; we build mindful personalization with an eye on data privacy.
  • What we care about. We care about solving the problem. We value simplicity, practicality and clear impact. We take pride in delivering well tested, extendable, maintainable systems and algorithms. We are careful to integrate data security and privacy from the start, to mitigate risks and meet compliance needs.
  • Who we serve. Our clients range from non-profits and startups to Fortune 100 businesses in Advertising, FinTech, Healthcare, Social, Manufacturing, Mental Health, etc. We help our clients get started, accelerate and turn around large organizations.
  • What we deliver. Over the past decade, our team has designed and built large, highly effective cloud-based data platforms and data driven products, increased conversion rates, created personalized experiences, crafted aggressive and achievable data strategies, designed transformed gnarly legacy systems and solved big problems in the data space.
  • Why we make a difference. We own the outcome. Our team has delivered speedups (up to 1,000x in FinTech), increased revenue ($1M+/year in Advertising), increased conversion rates (up to 150% in Social, ~3% Advertising) and achieved scale (50M+ transactions in FinTech, 1BN+ events/day in Advertising).

What Our Clients say

We take pride in our contribution towards our clients’ success and feel fortunate to travel together with them on their data journey.


We are located in the San Francisco Bay Area, US and Berlin, Germany.

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